Missives from the Digital Front: An Open Letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft (#XboxTeam):

Recently, there have been a ton of rumors (#MostWrong) about your upcoming new video game console, code named Durango (#Xbox720WasTakenAlready). Some say that the new console will require Kinect and voice control (#Differentiators), while others say the console is now coming in 2014 (#GoodNewsForNintendo), or that it will have a 500GB hard disk drive (#PlentyOfRoom #CloudToo).


But I want to be crystal clear here (#ReadMyLips): I want to know about the optical drive rumors (#WillHaveOne). I suspect there is some trickery afoot (#MarketingTactic) to make people (#Noobs) think that there is a Blu-Ray drive (#HellNo #AlreadyHaveOneInMyPS3) coming in the Durango (#IsItNowKryptos). I think everyone is wrong. I think Microsoft already has a secret weapon in house: HD-DVD drives!

“Why not?” I ask. They can hold quite a bit, you’ll have a big HDD in the box already, plus you have this Cloud thing (#InTheSky) already. Just build two versions of Durango: one with an HD-DVD drive already built in (#90PercentOfBuilds) and one without an HD-DVD drive (#10PercentOfBuilds). And then, the coup de grace? Make the HD-DVD drive optional for all those owners who actually bought an HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 (#DopesLineUpOnTheLeft).

I am one of those dopes (#DopeDopeDope). I bought an external HD-DVD drive (#BitterBeerFace), and some movies, including King Kong, which my family thoroughly enjoyed (#WatchedItExactlyOnce).  Despite Microsoft conceding the race to Blu-Ray (#CES2008) and Sony (#Winner), all is not lost. A Durango-with-an-external-HD-DVD-optional-model-at-launch would make households happy (#AtLeastOneHousehold).

I bought my HD-DVD drive back in 2007 (#ThanksToAFriendWhoSaidTo), but remain optimistic six years later (#ISmellRefund #NoLongerFriends). Now all I need to see is more rumors that will force me to find the power cord for the damn thing (#PowerOfOptimism #LifeIsGood).

Best regards (#GrudgeHeld),


(Missives from the Digital Front is a series of opinions and thoughts, sometimes with a bit of snark, and don’t qualify as a research post. Consider this a blog courtesy of P.J. McNealy.)

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