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Digital World Research, LLC. (DWR) is a research and consulting firm focused on consumer attitudes and behaviors, and the impact on the business models of the companies involved. DWR specializes in the generational gaps, with a specialized focus on the 18-to-30 year-old market. With digital media, such as video games, music, movies, TV, newspapers and advertising changing  daily, DWR leverages its unique experience and bring valuable insights to companies.

The mission is simple: the firm is structured to avoid the tedious nature of data-dump research with a 20/20 hindsight, and focuses on helping clients attack the growing and fractured markets being driven by both technology changes and consumer behaviors.

P.J. McNealy founded DWR. He has a unique background — a rare combination of market research analysis, financial analysis, and a keen sense of the Gen M consumer market. He is growing a research and consulting service to manage complex projects, focused on secular shifts, strategy decisions, tech adoption cycles, or gaps in consumer behaviors. He brings a tremendous ability to connect dots and companies.

Outside of DWR, P.J. has been teaching in the Carroll School of Business at Boston College for eight years on technology and digital media business models for music, movies, TV, video games and newspapers/magazines. He published a book entitled “Early Days: The Social Gaming Market and Facebook’s Achilles’ Heel,” which reached #1 Hot New Releases in e-Commerce on Amazon in 2012. P.J. has also been on the Advisory Board for over two years for Dynamighty, a video game company based in San Francisco that just launched the acclaimed new game, Counterspy for the Sony PlayStation network.


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